Coblos Cinta (2008)

Coblos Cinta / Vote for Love

Two students are competing to be the Head of Student Executive Board. There is a lot of rivalry between them as the two candidates trying to gain influence by doing funny campaigns, with erratic happenings as the election day approaches.

Directed by: Findo Purwono HW

Produced by: Adiyanto Sumardjono

Written by: Sesa Nasution,Imam Darto

Starring: Nadia Saphira, Tommy Kurniawan, Jessica Iskandar, Gracia Indri, Siti Anizah, Alessia Cestaro, Marrio Merdhitia, Tarra Budiman, Melvin Giovanie (as Melvin Lim), Hamzah Notonegoro

Music By: Ardi Isnandar, Doddy Is

Cinematography: Joel Fadly

Edited by: Den Mas Dera, Raenaldi Rangga

Production company: Investasi Film Indonesia

Distributed by: Investasi Film Indonesia

Release date: 29 May 2008

Running time: 90 Minutes

Country: Indonesia

Language: Indonesian

Investasi Film Indonesia